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Generation Games

The Generation Games is a fun and purposeful sport event for people of all ages. Organized in cities around the world, based on the creative concept which is simply shared. Any city can make use of the available framework.

The Generation Games = multi-sports, multi-generations, multi-purpose. With a focus on positive community impact. The participating teams are composed of people of various generations,


for instance children, parents, grandparents. These mixed teams take part in sports activities that underline intergenerational collaboration. Contributing to the spirit of Olympism.

The event is about learning from each other, inspiring each other, passing on to each other. Generations having positive influence on each other. Experience and fresh ideas connecting. Generations coaching each other, passing on the love of sport and having a good time.

Key elements in the Generation Games

  1. The event is about positive community impact: connecting generations through sport and play. Involving everyone to participate. Fit and less fit, the young and the ‘not so young’: everyone feels comfortable participating.
  1. The event stimulates international connections between the hosting cities. Experiences are shared, relay batons containing messages are passed on across borders, and many other inspiring activities take place.
  1. The creative concept is available, as a do-it-yourself event. It is passed on to any city that wants to make use of it. Cities receive clear outlines, principles and explanation of the event, including support to make the action plan. The city itself is responsible for organizing it.
  1. By the community, for the community: teams of generations organize and participate. Volunteer networks, local sports clubs, sport for all associations, students, and many others organize and take part.
  1. The event takes place in the city center, at appealing locations. The city is used as an urban playground: at squares, in the streets or a park, the activities are organized. Like a decathlon, with 10 activities in the city.
  1. Low cost, high impact. Through partnerships and in kind collaboration with partners that can contribute to the event, it can even be realized with a very limited budget.
  1. Much flexibility for the organizing city, within the creative framework. Cities can decide on the number of sports and the kind of sports, the number of days the event is organized, and so forth.
  1. We collaborate with strong global partners like UNICEF, Olympic Museum and various NGOs. Through these partnerships, the Generation Games can serve as a podium for advocacy and important messages regarding sport and play, ageism, and so forth.
  1. Cities receive appealing materials for their edition: next to visual designs (logo, scorecard, diplomas, banners and so forth, cool mobile exhibitions and materials for specific activities can be provided.
  1. Apart from editions in the city center, ‘Generation Games School Editions’ are also possible. The first school editions are held in The Netherlands, September 2016.

If you are interested in organizing an edition, or if you would like to receive more information:

Next Editions


Many editions worldwide are being prepared at the moment. Cities simply make use of the creative concept, and make it tailor-made for their city.

The first edition took place in 2012 in the city center of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, followed by a second edition in 2014 (at campus of Erasmus University). In 2015, the Generation Games was organized in Lausanne, in collaboration with the Olympic Museum, as an integrated part of the Olympic Week.

At this moment, Generation Games editions are being prepared in Budapest (Hungary), Tampere (Finland), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Lausanne (Switzerland), and many other cities on all continents.

Next to these editions in the city center, ‘Generation Games School Editions’ are organized in The Netherlands. The same principles apply, but the event takes place in and around their own school.
Three editions are organized in September and October 2016, in the cities of Gouda, Breda and Rotterdam. UNICEF is one of the partners.

Would you be interested in hosting an edition?

Please let us know, it will be our pleasure to provide you with more information. You can send us an e-mail:



Any city around the world, regardless of its size, can organize an edition of the Generation Games. Simply make use of the creative framework that we share with you. Based on teamwork we make sure your edition for the local community will be a success. There is no bidding procedure, it’s about enthusiasm and a solid plan.

Just a few characteristics:

By the community, for the community.

People of all ages and backgrounds play a valuable role in all of the preparations and during the event itself. Ideas are exchanged, cooperation and social cohesion is stimulated. By involving various partners in the city, you can co-create this sport for all event.  Many hands make light work.

Much flexibility within the Generation Games creative framework.

The creative concept offers much room for improvisation and a ‘local flavor’. The framework makes sure cities receive a solid basis, it gives guidance and direction. And it ensures that editions have some recognizable elements.

The kind of sport, the number of sports.

Cities can decide on the sports they want to offer in their edition: usually a mix of popular, well-known sports and new activities and sports to discover. Fun and meaningful for people of all ages, activities underlining the intergenerational philosophy.

Choosing an appealing location.

This could be a popular square, shopping area, a park in the city center, a street being closed for the event. Participants enjoy being active in the city center, at locations they would normally not play basketball, tennis or soccer. The city as urban playground.

Low cost, high impact.

The idea itself is shared, cities pay a very limited fee (in some cases no fee at all), based on cost prize (tailor made designs, some hours of advice). In this way, the costs are no threshold, no obstacle at all for any city.

Making use of logo, visual identity, appealing designs and materials.

You receive clear formats for visual identity and communication materials. Each city can add a local touch, like the colors of the logo and questions in the Generation Games SportsQuiz.


Some of the elements a city receives:

For more information, please send us an email:


Working through partnerships is one of the pillars of the Generation Games. Connecting with organizations and companies that have common objectives.

So, when objectives match, we simply collaborate. We don’t believe that much in “gold/silver/bronze sponsor packages”. But rather in collaboration based on enthusiasm, commitment and on the question: how can we all contribute to these important societal challenges?

These are often partnerships in kind. Some organizations provide sports equipment, others enable clinics by Olympians, and still others help out with volunteer networks. People and organizations putting in time and effort and everyone benefitting, in realizing their objectives in the field of health,

social and educational objectives, sports memberships, and so forth. All with a focus on community impact. Partnerships are essential in realizing purposeful editions: if many partners contribute, something great can be achieved. The Generation Games provides a podium for messages and advocacy around global themes. The event offers good visibility for messages.


Some of our partners include: Olympic Museum Lausanne; UNICEF; Erasmus University; International Korfball Federation; Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences; AISTS; EY (2012, 2014 edition Rotterdam), many universities around the world, and many others.


What do partners and ambassadors think of the Generation Games

 “These intergenerational activities have a very good fit with the Olympic Movement”
– IOC President Thomas Bach, participating in the Lausanne 2015 edition, 11 October 2015

“This event is such fun and so good!”
– Ada Kok, former President of the Dutch Olympians Association, Olympian (winner gold medal Mexico City 1968, swimming)

“The Generation Games is a beautiful initiative. The event connects well with UNICEF”
– UNICEF Netherlands

“What a great atmosphere it was during the Generation Games. I had a good time giving this clinic for a mix of all ages, abled players and less-abled”.
– Esther Vergeer, Paralympian, wheelchair tennis, gold medal Paralympics 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012

“That Generation Games week in Lausanne has already got a place in our hearts.”
– Family Albà, Lausanne (participants and volunteers during the Lausanne 2015 edition)

It sounds like a great opportunity. A Generation Games event in Sierra Leone could form a great platform for public advocacy work here, including passing on life-saving health messages.
– John James, UNICEF Sierra Leone

“The relay baton is symbolic for what’s happening here. Youngsters and older people. An exchange of experience of the elderly and the enthusiasm, the innovative spirit of the young. That’s terrific!”.
– Olga Commandeur, Olympian (Los Angeles 1984, steeple chase)

“The Generation Games: great fun with real growth potential”
– Marije Dippel, Director international relations, Dutch Olympic Committee

“I am genuinely enthusiastic – and I believe in the concept. I do believe you are creating something which is both novel and socially so very important.”
– David Eades, BBC World


Would you be interested in partnering? We will gladly exchange ideas with you on the possibilities.

Please send us an e-mail:

As an example, these were the main partners for the Rotterdam 2012 edition, all delivering materials, expertise, enthusiasm:



Olympic Week

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne has invited the Generation Games to be part of the Olympic Week: a beautiful event with 30 sports and activities for kids 8-15 years of age. The intergenerational activities offered by the Generation Games provide fun for the family: the kids with their parents and grandparents. Based on the success of last year’s edition, the Generation Games will again be an integrated part of this 36th edition of the Olympic Week in Lausanne in 2016.

The collaboration between the Olympic Week and Generation Games in 2015 (during which 100 years IOC in Lausanne was celebrated) was great: some 1,700 kids, parents and grandparents of Lausanne enjoyed the five activities for the multi generation teams. Korfball clinics were offered, relay batons designed, several Olympians were present to support the event, as well as enthusiastic volunteers of all ages. Also IOC President Thomas Bach joined the activities himself. President Bach underlined the value of intergenerational activities and sport for all.

Generation Games in Lausanne, 16-20 October 2016

The opening hours for the Olympic Week, starting Sunday 16 October, are 10h00-17h00. The activities of the Generation Games will again be held right in front of the Olympic Museum, at the quai d’Ouchy, close to the lake. So, feel welcome, and please participate in the Olympic Week & Generation Games in Lausanne!

About us

We are fully committed to creating positive social change around the world. We are passionate about the positive effects of intergenerational collaboration.  We truly believe it’s one element in finding solutions for major challenges in society. Working with global partners, enabling the Generation Games to have the impact we had envisioned.

Robbert Nesselaar is the founder of the Generation Games. Robbert has developed the concept years ago, and together with talented people of all ages, we share the idea with the world. We also do this through our networks and partnerships and during meetings, like the TAFISA 2013 conference, ISCA meetings and the SportAccord Convention in Lausanne, April 2016.

The Generation Games office is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Please let us know if you have questions or if you are interested in organizing an edition.
We can provide you with more information, brochures, and of course answers to your specific questions.
It’s our aim to spread the concept, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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