Generation Games

Generation Games

The Generation Games is a grass roots sporting event based on a simple principle: generations sporting together and generations preparing the event together. The Generation Games is about people of all ages having a good time sporting together, while learning and passing on: ‘by generations, for generations’. It has a focus on sport for all, health, education and social issues. Any city can make use of the creative concept: it is shared with cities worldwide. The Generation Games is all about community engagement and international connectivity.

Engaging local communities

Generations in the community prepare the event together and can participate with generation-teams (for instance kids + parents + grandparents).



The event provides young generations the opportunity to get important experience and bring in fresh ideas. Older generations can pass on their knowledge, make use of their valuable experience and be inspired by next generations.

Connecting people and cities around the world

The concept of the Generation Games is passed on like a relay baton. Every city can organize an edition, based on the principles and framework of the Generation Games. Flexibility enables cities to give it their local flavor. Cities hosting an edition can share their experiences with other cities. The event literally connects cities around the world.

You can download the Generation Games brochure,
with all the information about organizing your own edition of the Generation Games.

Previous edition


The Previous edition of the Generation Games took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 23 June 2012, the International Olympic Day. The result was a great atmosphere in the city with enthusiastic generation teams.

The three aspects of Olympism –friendship, respect and excellence- were demonstrated in the city centre. Famous athletes, including former Olympic medallists were present and gave exciting demonstrations. The event fitted in well with the ‘European Year for Active Aging and Solidarity between Generations 2012’.

Many parties contributed to the success of the event.
Sport clubs, national sport associations, Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation, schools, Universities, companies, many volunteers of all ages.

In 2014, the second edition of the Generation Games was organized by Erasmus University, during their centennial celebrations. Participants included people living around the campus area and students, alumni and staff. It was another great edition.


In 2015 and 2016, several editions are being prepared in cities around the world,
Some of the partners during the 2012-edition:




Any city around the world can make use of the Generation Games concept. Hosting cities organize the Generation Games as a ‘do it yourself’-event. Cities receive full support by the Generation Games organization. The event is based on a few basic principles, which provides consistency. These elements are combined with much flexibility and freedom for each hosting city. Cities themselves know best who to involve, like young talent form local University and volunteers networks. It’s up to the creativity of the city to involve relevant partners in the city. This way, costs can be kept low, and –at least as important- it creates strong community engagement.

It’s up to the city to choose the year and the date to organize the event. Cities receive step-by-step guidelines and support. In all aspects of this sporting event (including hospitality, volunteers, communication, etc), next generations and experienced ones are actively involved. It’s about inspiring and coaching each other, making connections between people of all ages through sports, having a good time together. All of this combined with the local expertise and experiences in sporting events, creates a great mix of international cooperationand co-creation in this intergenerational sport for all event.


Some of the elements a city receives:

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By sharing the concept of the Generation Games, a worldwide community will grow on sport for all generations. To make this possible, we cooperate with several international partners, renowned organizations and institutions. During each edition, internationally relevant topics are addressed, in collaboration with the international and local partners: intergenerational cooperation,

gender equality, active & healthy lifestyle, sport & handicap. We cooperate with UNICEF and several other organizations. A strong symbol for cooperation and teamwork, the relay baton, is used in a fun and appealing way: they literally travel around the world, with inspiring messages.


just a few quotes:

“This event is such fun an so good!”
Ada Kok, former President of the Dutch Olympians Association, Olympian (gold medal Mexico City 1968)

“The Generation Games is a beautiful initiative. The event connects well with UNICEF”
UNICEF Netherlands

“What a great atmosphere it was during the Generation Games.
I had a good time giving this clinic for a mix of all ages, abled sporters and less-abled”.

Esther Vergeer, wheelchair tennis, gold medal Paralympics 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012

“The relay baton is symbolic for what’s happening here. Youngsters and older people.
An exchange of experience of the elderly and the enthusiasm, the innovative spirit of the young. That’s terrific!”.

Olga Commandeur, Olympian (Los Angeles 1984, steeple chase)

“The Generation Games: great fun with real growth potential”
Marije Dippel, Director international relations, Dutch Olympic Committee

About us

The Generation Games organisation is a network of both young as well as experienced professionals in the field of sport, communication, creative concepts, design, events. We work together with several organisations (e.g. in the field of sport, charity), schools, Universities and internationally operating institutions that share our conviction regarding the importance of stimulating a healthy lifestyle for all ages, through this intergenerational sporting event.

Through this cooperative, cities organising an edition of the Generation Games receive all relevant advice and support. The actual organisation of each edition is the responsibility of a city, based on the concept of the event and guidelines that are provided. Each edition is the result of international co-creation and inspiration.


The Generation Games event serves three purposes:


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