Objectives of the Generation Games

The Generation Games are organized for two major reasons: the event is all about
1. connecting and engaging generations
2. inspiring cities worldwide and sharing important messages.

Sport is a great tool in making these connections, within a community and on a world-scale.

Focus on generations
Intergenerational exchange of inspiration and knowledge is of great value. Generations can learn a great deal from each other. By sporting together and preparing the Generation Games sporting event together, people of all ages realize strong teamwork, by using each others expertise and skills. And generations can stimulate each other to be actively involved in sports, in having an active and healthy lifestyle, being each others role model. This goes for children, seniors and the generations in between!

Focus on local editions and international connections
The Generation Games initiative has a focus on the engagement of local communities as well as on realizing worldwide attention to major issues and challenges. The event is local and international at the same time. Addressing both local topics as well as challenges on a world scale. The event is about having a good time, about enjoying sport and play. And at the same time, the event gets important issues under the attention, such as the themes UNICEF is addressing.

The creative concept of the Generation Games is simply passed on like a relay baton, enabling many cities to be part of this movement and contribute to realizing these objectives.